Stephanie's Design and Technical Musings

  1. The Web Witch's Grimoire // Week of 18 October 2021
    web learning
  2. Everything I wanted
    year in review life
  3. Web We Want Progress Update - November 2020
  4. What the heck is an Origin Trial?
  5. Web We Want Web Apps Survey Results
    web we want standards
  6. Browser font rendering inconsistencies
    fonts type
  7. Musings on Creativity, COVID-19 and Normal
    creativity musings
  8. The Web We Want Survey Results
  9. Why SmashingConf SF 2019 will always hold a special spot in my heart
    conferences career
  10. Inspiring high school students with HTML and CSS
    careers education
  11. Pushing the future of the platform forward with The Web We Want
  12. 5 of my favorite hints in the webhint browser extension
    webhint devtools
  13. Setting intentions and goals for 2020
    new year goals
  14. 2019 - Running Up That Hill
    life year in review
  15. Building my bullet journal layout with CSS Grid & Subgrid & Flexbox
    css subrgrid