Stephanie's Design and Technical Musings

  1. Using time-blocking to increase your productivity
    productivity life
  2. Greater styling control over type with `initial-letter`
    web platform css
  3. A love note to CSS
    web platform css
  4. What recording 1 second every day over a year taught me
    life learning
  5. An Intro to Trigonometric CSS Functions
    web platform css
  6. 2022 Year In Review
    life year in review
  7. 2022 Book Roundup
    books year in review
  8. Productivity tips: the benefits of keeping track of tasks week by week
    product management tips
  9. Personal Sprint Retrospectives
  10. The Web Witch's Grimoire // Week of 10 June 2022
    web learning
  11. On Depeche Mode and Andy Fletcher
    inspiration life
  12. The Web Witch's Grimoire // Week of 13 May 2022
    web learning
  13. The Web Witch's Grimoire // Week of 11 March 2022
    web learning
  14. A random man walks into my office and asks if I'm single...
    women in tech
  15. 20 Months
    conferences covid