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Design for Developers is now available in German!

I've just realized I never posted here about my book, Design for Developers, going to print and being published last August (2023). It's almost been a year! I have links throughout this site pointing to it, but I never took a moment to celebrate the three years of work it took from start to being delivered to my door.

I want to take a moment to mark that now, because I just received a few copies of my book in German and that is honestly so exciting. I'm also expecting to see it in Russian, just not sure when yet.

It's pretty freaking neat to continually have this project bring me joy in different ways. I love to hear how it helped people wanting to get a grasp on design.

alt: a photo of the book "Design trifft Code" on a desk

If you haven't snagged a copy yet, you can grab it from a few different places:

Manning (32% off today on 28 May 2024) (Design trifft Code)
dpunkt | O'Reilly

I will be giving a talk at Pixel Pioneers in Bristol and Web Camp Croatia this summer, based on my book, where I'll detail all the benefits of learning design (outside of leveling up your visual design skills). I'm very much looking forward to continuing to share "Design for Developers" with the world.

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