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My first two weeks at Igalia

After my first two weeks at Igalia, while everything is new, it also feels as if I've come back home after 2 years away from the web platform space.

There is so much new information about web platform projects to digest and I've been slowly figuring out how things work around here.

Igalia is a flat structure cooperative, which is really cool, but also really new to me and also feels incredibly empowering. In case you don't know what Igalia does, we're an open source consultancy. Meaning you can hire us to build stuff for the web platform (and many other areas).

You know CSS Grid? That piece of layout that changed the way we build websites? Igalia led the role in the development of that.

So for so many reasons I'm excited to be here. I spent almost 7 years on the Microsoft Edge web platform team and then later developer experiences. I have a little bit of insight into how browser features get prioritized and there often are not enough people to prioritize features that don't add immediate business value to the rest of the browser company. Igalia solves that problem and those features that companies want implemented end up benefiting developers everywhere. Again, look at CSS Grid.

I have had some really interesting conversations with Brian Kardell about big problems like how we currently fund the web ecosystem and the wheels are spinning on how to turn this into a conference talk.

Resurrecting the Web We Want #

I've also been thinking about the Web We Want project. I had wanted to stay involved when I left Microsoft but it became too much and though our committee still meets, it's effectively on pause.

I want to give the site a visual refresh and I have a few other strategic ideas swirling around. It is a valuable resource of developer wants for the web platform and DevTools and I want it to continue on. Now that I'm back in the web platform, I want to breathe some new life into this project and believe it's incredibly important developers are heard.

What I'll be working on #

I'm a web platform PM so I get to help drive all sorts of work. I'm excited to dive into Servo, a modern memory safe browser built on Rust, and Wolvic, Igalia's open source browser for XR.

While I'm be primarily focused on the PM side of projects, I'm also looking forward to dipping my toes back into developer comms and marketing/advocacy work.

Good stuff all around. I am so thrilled to be a part of company that has a set of values I align with and does work that I'm truly interested in being a part of. Excited for what's to come this year.

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