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2023 by the numbers

2 international moves
21 books read / 14000 pages read
612 copies of Design for Developers sold (the eBook is 50% off as of 12/30, grab a copy!)
9 countries visited
2 bucket list places crossed off
63,431 miles flown
1 lay off
6 months unemployed but...
8 freelance projects completed
15 interviews
40+ job applications
93 products on Amazon sold based on my designs since August
6 Etsy sales
243 days on Duolingo learning German then French

I feel as though I've written about this year in bits already. It's been incredibly hard and I am ready to leave it behind.

It certainly wasn't all bad though. My book was published, in print! and Jhey and I got married. I got my UK visa and I am officially in the UK now. 2024 is all about building and I am thankful for the life partner I have.

If you've bought a book from me this year, or bought a shirt from Etsy or Amazon, an extra thank you to you. I've been interviewing and interviewing while more and more people are being laid off and it's been tough. So thank you for making things a little bit easier to help me cover my bills.

I am looking forward to finding and starting a new job and building a life here in the UK. Onwards and upwards.

Goodbye 2023.

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