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Home Office Kit: Elgato Wave 3 Microphone

My desk setup in the UK is slowly coming together & Jhey picked out a microphone for me. I had a Blue Yeti microphone in the US...and I still do it's just in storage. It had issues with staying connected through a dongle after my work MacBook was upgraded and I didn't have the normal, big USB plug anymore.

It was a fine starter microphone but it was big and bulky.

alt: A photo of the Elgato Wave 3 installed on the kit arm

I knew I didn't want the Yeti again so we went with the Elgato Wave Microphone (we did the full kit) and holy schnikes. I recorded a voiceover in Premiere Rush for a TikTok (about relocating my dog Vogue) without touching any settings and the audio sound is incredibly good.

Unfortunately TikTok didn't like that I recorded a voiceover elsewhere and throttled my video so I need to figure that out since the audio quality is absolutely mint.

It's so good Jhey ordered himself one, so well done Elgato. Just need to get my key lights when I'm in Seattle next.

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