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2022 Year In Review

2022 is the year that showed me once you choose to be happy and choose yourself...things drastically change in your favor. In January I was feeling lost and dejected due to an unexpected turn in my personal relationships. I was unhappy with where I was living but didn't want to move into a small apartment for an atrocious amount of money. I was struggling to see a future in my role at Microsoft despite enjoying what I was doing and that was causing anxiety. I'd have bouts of being okay with things and then spiral into anxiety again. I had tried to find a role abroad to no avail. Also I gave up on dating. The apps are terrible and the men on apps in Seattle leave a lot to be desired.

So by the end of January I decided:

  • I was going to move into a new place
  • I was going to be happy being single and focus on my friendships
  • I was going to make the most of work and doing DevRel for Edge

And everything fell into place.

I found a lovely little house to rent in West Seattle through one of my friends. With a yard for my dog and within walking distance to the main strip of shops and restaurants.

I took a few trips to places familiar and new. I interviewed for a new job too, somehwat unexpectedly. I wasn't sure if I'd actually take it...but I did. A senior product management role and a move to Berlin. What a life change!

And then the conferences started. 2022 was actually going pretty well for me. New place, travel, new job.

And wouldn't you know it, at All Day Hey! in Leeds, I unexpectedly met my partner, Jhey, who made me realize what an actual partnership felt like. What it's like to date someone who actually wants to date you and loves your quirks...someone who will fly across the world for you instead of string you along.

Jhey is the most unexpected part of 2022, as well as the best. And he is currently making me laugh as I write this. Never settle because you deserve to have your needs met.

The rest of the year has been a whirlwind. My book is right on the cusp of being finished, just finishing up the last round of edits. I have traveled more than I care to if I'm honest. I am reveling in this extended period in Seattle before moving abroad. I don't know how some people do it...back to back international trips with a week or less in between. I have done quite a few of those and phew is it a lot.

One highlight that unexpectedly occured on December 30th was seeing a group of 8 orcas swim past. I had just driven my mom to Bellevue from SeaTac and my WhatsApp wildlife group started going off. I expected I would miss them because they always round Alki point in West Seattle and head west. They didn't this time. And on the cusp of darkness they passed by. I have been chasing them for 6 months and what a wonderful wonderful way for me to close the year out.

2022 by the numbers #

  • 90,000-ish actual miles traveled
  • 6 countries visited
  • 1044 books sold (as of the publishing of this post)
  • 7 conferences
  • 13 books read
  • 1 case of COVID
  • 2 wild horse encounters in Arizona
  • 1 orca pod viewable from the shore
  • 150+ walks down by the water, making me fall in love with Seattle all over

Happy New Year #

I hope the closing to 2022 is just what you need, whether the year was good or bad. 2023 holds some drastic life changes for me, some travel and the release of my book. (One final book plug!) If you still haven't snagged it, Design for Developers is half off today and January 1.

Happy new year everyone!


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