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The Web Witch's Grimoire // Week of 13 May 2022

My life has been a bundle of joy since I moved into Seattle from Redmond in March, and I couldn't be happier. I've managed to get out and paddle board a few times though the weather has been largely abysmal. It's still snowing in the mountains but the snowpack is well above where it normally is this time of year so my fingers are crossed for a less smokey summer.

For now though, it's raining and dreary. A typical Seattle spring.

This seems like too big of an announcement for the Career Stuff portion of this page, but my last day at Microsoft will be May 20th. I'm excited to join the RapidAPI team as a Senior Product Manager and work on improving the developer tools experiences across a few different surfaces. I'll be relocating to Berlin in the autumn, and for now, I'm just trying to enjoy each and everyday and stay in the moment because time goes so fast, especially summer.

I admittedly cried when I told my current manager I was leaving. I love the team and the work but I need a bit of a life reset after the last 2.5 years. New job and new country. I am excited.

Things on the Web #

  • The Chrome team has been working on a Page Transitions API which has me very excited. Here's the video from Jake Archibald.
  • After his talk at All Day Hey! in Leeds, Jhey's creative coding has me inspired. Check out his codepen for all the good creative inspo. I was inspired to turn my Meow Wolf hat logo into a CSS logo and there's more I want to add to this but it's very much a WIP.
  • A Legend of Zelda PWA, be still my heart. Here's the great process write up from Connor Clark.
  • For the talk I gave at All Day Hey!, I created a PWA Design Checklist. This is very much in first rough draft form. I eventually want to turn it into an actual functioning checklist and microsite.

Career Stuff #

  • My book, Design for Developers, is available for MEAP, the Manning Early Access Program. It's not done, but that's what the Early Access program is for. You can buy the MEAP for Design for Developers on the publisher's website.
  • I spoke at NDC Porto and All Day Hey! recently and my oh my was it amazing to be back in person at conferences. I have so missed how much more energized I feel after being in person. I also attended beyond tellerand in Düsseldorf and it was perfect. I started coming up with ideas for things to build which really hasn't happened for me with online events.

Currently... #

Listening: #

(Still) Reading: #

Watching: #

Rewatching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and last season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Not a whole lot going on there.

(Unrelated: I need to fix the vertical rhythm on my blog, it's bothering me. Add it to the backlog).

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