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The Web Witch's Grimoire // Week of 11 March 2022

Whoops. Here it is March already and I have not been keeping up with my Web Witch Grimoire posts. A lot of things have happened since October and I'm not even going to remotely attempt to recap it all.

I've had a rough two and a half years. Not as rough as some, but rough for me. When I moved into my apartment in August 2020 I thought it was going to be the perfect setup for me and while it was good for what it was, a transition between an old life and a new life, it started to affect my mental health. It was in someone's basement after all and basements are dark and so is the PNW, especially in the winter.

After a string of disappointing events I thought would make me feel better if they panned out, I took a good hard look at my life when they didn't and realized I had no backup plan for those disappointments and in realizing that, decided the thing within my control was my place of living and it was not bringing me joy so I changed it. I've always been an Eastsider, never in Seattle proper.

If you're unfamiliar with the area, Seattle is surrounded by water and there is a lake that divides Seattle from Bellevue, to the east, and in trying to figure out my life realzied I needed a massive perspective change. I'm a Westsider now in an area that is 180 degrees from Bellevue and Redmond and so far I am incredibly happy. I feel a bit lighter. I'm back to trying to cook more, which is very hard when you're surrounded by a ton of amazing food. I'm within walking distance to bars and restaurants and I'm close to the water. I can't wait for summer and paddle board time.

I'm still unpacking and trying to process everything that's going on in the world. It was surreal to focus on moving two weeks ago as everything in Ukraine began to unfold. And it's still surreal.

Here's a link to a bunch of ways to help Ukraine if you're still trying to figure out what you can do. (Link stolen from my friend Melanie's latest blog post.)

Things on the Web #

  • The Edge Developer Tools team now has a GitHub repo for feature requests and bug reports.
  • I've been speaking on the vision for fully stylable and extendable HTML Controls for 2 years and we've finally got a selectmenu demo.
  • I like this zigzag text example with shape-outside from Ana Tudor.

Career Stuff #

  • The return of in person conferences is approaching and I am beyond thrilled. Especially when I have been invited to speak and didn't need to fill out CFPs for some of those events. I'm delighted.
  • A bunch of my work is currently focused around creating videos for work and have been focusing on "What's New in DevTools" videos. You can watch the latest one here.
  • Wrote an article for Smashing Magazine with a tutorial on how to build a layout that adapts to a dual screen device. Read it here.

Currently... #


  • New Florence + The Machine



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