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The Web Witch's Grimoire // Week of 18 October 2021

We're going to pretend like it's not been 10 months since I blogged. Pandemic life, writing a book on design for developers, and everything else that comes with existing right now has me worn out. When I've got free time, it's usually running off to go bike, get outside or see friends.

I've felt a bit disconnected though from myself and the learning/sharing aspect I so enjoy about the web community I'm apart of. Sharing on Twitter doesn't quite scratch that itch though as it gets lost in the noise, a tweet quickly swept away by all the other tweets. I love what my friend Melanie Richards does on her blog with her learning logs.

Will I get to it weekly? Maybe. But I'd like to keep some cadence of these types of posts sharing tech & unrelated tech things.

Things on the Web #

Career Stuff #

  • Led my first TPAC breakout session this week, formally introducing The Web We Want initiative to the W3C and getting feedback from folks on how we can further leverage this data as a definitive source of developer signal for web platform features.
  • I'm now doing videos for the Edge Developer Tools, highlighting what's new in each release. The first video covers what's new in version 94.
  • I finished writing chapter 6 of my book. It has been a process and a struggle for so many reasons, but heading into writing chapter 7 and getting back into the swing of things. Constantly trying to remember the scope of the book because there is so much about design for the web that I could go into detail on but as an intro to design for developers probably isn't necessary.

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