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Beyond Tellerrand Berlin 2019

There isn't a day that goes by that I feel extremely privileged to do what I get to do for work. Last week, I flew out to Berlin for a few days to attend Beyond Tellerrand. My co-worker Aaron was speaking and running a workshop and I emceed the community focused session we've been running for the past few months, The Web We Want, in the evening on day one.

Despite technical issues with my laptop, for the second event in a row, the session went well and there was great conversation from our panel of judges.

alt: Beyond Tellerrand stage

The Web We Want #

As we've started to get the hang of running this community focused session, I've been so thrilled to see folks step up to either present at the event or submit a video detailing their wants for the web. We want everyone to submit their wants for the web, whether they can be at an event or not, but I am absolutely delighted by the presentations we've had at the events. My team and I are more than happy to present on folk's behalf, but only you can know the details and the use cases of the problem you want solved. I really get so much joy seeing how deeply the community has thought about the problems they've encountered.

Check out the The Web We Want if you've never heard of it before. It's a cross-browser, community focused initiative where we ask the question: "if you could change one thing about the web platform, what would it be?" We then run live pitch sessions at conferences and meetups with a panel of industry experts who discuss each item pitched and then pick their favorite.

I've been emceeing most of the sessions and it's been a blast for me. If you're interested in having The Web We Want at your meetup or conference, feel free to reach out on email or on Twitter.

Beyond Tellerrand Berlin #

But now a few words on the conference as a whole. I hadn't been to Beyond Tellerrand before but what an absolutely astoundingly inspiring conference. It's a beautiful intersection of tech and humanity. I've never felt so hungry to dive into a bunch of side projects and explore and just create. It was honestly the perfect mix of technical + web talks and art + humanity talks.

Sharon Steed, Anna Ginsburg, Cassie Evans, and Natalya Shelburne were some of my favorite speakers from the conference. It's amazing to see so many strong women on the stage sharing their stories and their work.

Marc Thiele has done such an absolutely fantastic job of creating an inspiring conference. If you can find your way to Germany next year, there are three events. My fingers are crossed that I get to participate in one of these events again. It was inclusive, the lineup was diverse, the talks were diverse and the Berlin venue was so cool. It was such a good experience, words really quite can't adequately describe how inspired I feel after attending. I'm just rambling at this point. So that's all for now folks.


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